The secret of concentration

An all natural drink with no additives designed to keep you concentrated and drinking healthy. Tailored for consumers that spend long hours on their computers.

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Ingredients are all natural with zero additives. Main ingredients include tea leaves and goji berries. We do not add any sugar and only use the natural sweetness from the goji berries, while also using tea that comes with natural savoriness.

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Concentration and Health

Natural caffeine and L-Theanine from tea leaves to keep you concentrated. Tea leaves naturally produces L-Theanine. L-theanine promotes relaxation by reducing stress and anxiety.



Tea leaves are all hand-picked from the high mountains of Taiwan. Our ingredients, especially our tea leaves are very carefully roasted and curated from our own tea garden. We use the best quality and don't use any pesticides at all.

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Signature Brew

Our drink can be brewed both hot or cold depending on preferences. However our signature is the cold brew. With just 1-3 min of shaking in a bottle, it is ready to drink.

Enoz products

We currently offer 4 different flavors

oolong pack


Oolong tea leaves smoked with longan wood to create a naturally sweet and fruity flavor.

black tea pack


These are made with a rare type of black tea leaves, where the tea buds are bitten by a type of leahopper called the Jacobiasca Formosana. These tea buds will then grow into leaves that have a natural honey flavor.

jade green pack

Jade Green

Made from green tea smoked with jasmine flower to bring more natural sweetness to its flavor.

four season pack

Four Seasons

A very light flavored flowery taste made from four season tea leaves.

Product Details

Made with the best ingredients from Taiwan

  • Smoked oolong tea leaves
  • Dried Goji berries
  • Caffeine: 55 mg/8oz
  • L-Theanine: 6.21 mg/cup
  • 20 packs/box
  • 4g / pack



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Black tea
  • Smoked black tea leaves
  • Dried Goji berries
  • Caffeine: 47 mg/8oz
  • L-Theanine: 5.13 mg/cup
  • 20 packs/box
  • 4g / pack



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Green tea
  • Smoked green tea leaves
  • Dried Goji berries
  • Caffeine: 28 mg/8oz
  • L-Theanine: 6.56 mg/cup
  • 20 packs/box
  • 4g / pack



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Four seasons
  • Four season tea leaves
  • Dried Goji berries
  • Caffeine: 21 mg/8oz
  • L-Theanine: 4.86 mg/cup
  • 20 packs/box
  • 4g / pack



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*Caffeine and L-theanine for reference only. May differ based on brew.


  • Add 250mL of water
  • Steep after water boils
  • Wait 30 seconds - 1 minute


  • Drop 1 or 2 packs in water bottle
  • 350mL of water
  • Shake for 1 - 3 mins

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